4.Since April 2010, with fund support of the Danish Embassy (Danida), OWT has delivered trainings, awareness and technical assistance and facilitated the development of village nursery and catchment areas planting campaigns. Project duration in Sulawesi was one year (March 2010 – February 2011). Full intervention (training, awareness, technical assistance and facilitation) were provided on 6 village models, 5 villages in Mamasa (Tawalian Timur, Orobua Selatan, Mambuliling, Salomo Kanan and Salutambun Barat) and 1 village in Luwu Utara (Tulak Talu). Training on catchment area management was delivered to all Green-PNPM facilitators in Sulawesi and (Green) PNPM actors at (sub) district and village level in Mamasa and Luwu Utara Districts.

The project has received great responses and enthusiasm from local government in Mamasa and Luwu Utara Districts and enhanced a green spirit to the MHP program in Sulawesi. The project also successfully made vegetative cachment rehabilitation meaningful to the local community. This was done by nurturing the spirit of biodiversity conservation through the selection and protection of Village Mother Trees of indigenous tree species, the development of Village Tree Nurseries and Village Seed Sources.

The intensive campaigns in Mamasa and Luwu Utara Districts during 2010/2011 have awakened the spirit of government and local community to restore their degraded areas. The support by OWT and the donor has made local community motivated to rehabilitate their resources, ‘why do we not care about our own resources when outsiders care so much about them’, a common statement by local communities in response to project facilitation. As a matter of fact, the project, apart from introducing new activities (tree seedling propagations, catchment areas planting etc.), is also the first technical assistance provided by an NGO funded by a foreign donor in this area. No wonder that the project receives enthusiastic participation.

Since March 2011, we started working in Agam District, West Sumatera Province. Intensive facilitation has been conducted in the following area: (a) Nagari Salareh Aia3, Palembayan Sub- District; (b) Nagari Pagadih, Palupuh Sub-District and (c) Nagari Malalak Selatan, Malalak Sub District.

Subsequently to the previous activity during the first year in Mamasa and Luwu Utara District of West Sulawesi Province, activities in Agam District (West Sumatera Province) also include the following activities: training, awareness raising, technical assistance and facilitation. These activities have received a very good response from the community, PNPM-Green consultants, the nagari administration, as well as the sub-district and district government.

However, the activities in West Sulawesi Province only focusing on PLTMH, while in West Sumatera Province the PLTMH activity is included as one of the activities in PNPM-Green. Therefore, on the field level, OWT has also taken part in conducting trainings and technical assistance for several NRM activities (i.e. developing nursery, planting, and bokashi-making) and RE (i.e. building installation for making biogas) that is included in PNPM-Green programs in Agam District during 2010-2012.

The report outlines the overall project implementation in Sulawesi (Mamasa District, West Sulawesi and Luwu Utara District, South Sulawesi) from March 2010 to March 2011, activities of the second year in Sumatra (Agam District, West Sumatra) from April 2011 – March 2012, and activities of the no-cost extention project in Agam District, West Sumatera from April 2012 – October 2012.

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