2.PNPM-Green is a pilot-project which is designed in part to mainstream NRM and RE issues within the core operations of the national PNPM-Rural program. In Sumatra, PNPM-Green has been active since 2010 to the end of 2012. A key component of PNPM-Green is the technical assistance provided by CSO.

OWT is a CSO has a GA with PSF to deliver environmental awareness raising and training activities to community and local government to assist in the design and implementation of viable ‘green sub-projects’. Our original working sites within PNPM-Green were in Sulawesi (2007 – 2012), our facilitation in Sumatra was conducted at the near end (6 months) of the PNPM-Green, aimed to facilitate sub-districts which did not receive facilitations from WCS, as the sub-districts laid beyond WCS GA with PSF. Our facilitation effectively occurred from 15 May – 31 December 2012; for the sake of completing technical assistances and facilitation (as several green sub-projects were not completed at the defined closing date) and strengthening exit strategy, then our facilitation was extended (no-cost extension) until 30 June 2013.

Under TF 011930, OWT provided supports in two provinces, three districts and nine sub-districts in Sumatra; (a) Agam District, West Sumatra Province: Palembayan, Palupuh, and Malalak Sub-districts; (b) Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatra Province: Enam Lingkung, VII Koto Sungai Sarik, and Batang Gasan Sub-districts. (c) Lebong District, Bengkulu Province: Padang Bano, Lebong Utara, and Lebong Atas Sub-districts.

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