1. Completion ReportThe focus of Lambusango Forest Conservation Project (LFCP) is ± 65,000 ha of uninhabited lowland evergreen rainforest in the central Buton, South East (S.E.) Sulawesi, Indonesia.

This block of forests is popularly known as Lambusango1 Forest. Much of this is intact and none faces the major pressures for forest clearance from oil palm plantations, pulp industry or sawmills that so threaten the forests in the rest of the country. This forest is made up of different categories: 29,320 ha of two protected areas, Kakenauwe Nature Reserve (± 810 ha) and Lambusango Wildlife Reserve (± 28,510 ha) which are managed by the Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA2) S.E. Sulawesi on behalf of the central government (Ministry of Forestry), and ± 35,000 ha of protection forest and production forest which are managed by local government, i.e. the Buton District Forestry Office (BDFO/Dishut Buton). Illegal logging, forest area encroachment and asphalt mining are the greatest threats that are likely to raze the remaining Lambusango Forests. The problem is particularly severe, as the forest resource is the only extensive and intact natural forest in Southern Buton. The continued economic crisis, compounded by recent regional development setting and obsession to gain local revenue from excessive natural resource extraction has put pressure on the current and future conservation of the Lambusango Forest.

The purpose of the World Bank/GEF Lambusango Forest Conservation Project (LFCP) is to procure necessary technical services and related resources to facilitate the development of cohesive and comprehensive conservation activities involving all forest stakeholders, which enable to maximize protection and demonstrate reduction in the level of threat to the global significant of Lambusango Forest.

The report outlines project implementation from 1 June 2005 – 31 December 2008, the main outputs; outcomes, lesson learned and outlook are discussed.

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